Guangzhou DJPOWER Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, was set up in 2002, which is the leading company in the line of stage effects in China.    

DJPOWER boasts a professional, experienced and innovative R&D team, having developed lots of stage effects products within several years and obtaining more than 60 patents at both home and abroad.       

Among those patents, many are pioneered by DJPOWER in the world and have been well known, such as the vertical fog machine, moving head fog machine, super quiet snow machine, flexible fog machine, LED CO2 jet etc.       

DJPOWER has been supplying professional stage effects equipment to many renowned companies in Europe and America for many years and has become the best OEM or ODM partner of foreign first-rate companies tussling for.      

Now, DJPOWER is rapidly heading for being more professional, more efficient, and more united after years of development. DJPOWER will concentrate more on innovation, research and development to bring more and more high value and performance effects machines to benefit all our customers.